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New 2017 model Bajaj Tuk Tuks arrival


This is what 20 x new Bajaj Tuk Tuks look like when they arrive at Tukshop HQ.

Following an 8000 mile sea crossing the vehicles are carefully unloaded and unpacked ready for final assembly by the Tukshop team at our Eastleigh facility

These tuktuks are box fresh off the Arangabad production line and are guaranteed to be the latest 2017 facelift model. We have a variety of factory colours to choose from and a range of power plants including 4 Stroke petrol, 2 Stroke petrol and 100% electric zero emission.

Tukshop are the UK's tuk tuk pioneers since 2003 so if you buy, hire or have a tuk tuk converted by us you know you will be in good hands !

" Our first shipment of 25 Bajaj Auto Rickshaws back in 2004 came in wooden crates with very little protection whereas these are superbly packed meaning the paintwork is in perfect condition " said mrsteve


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If you have any queries or fancy a test ride then get in touch with the tukshop.

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