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Royal Tuk Tuk Auction

HRH Prince of Wales & The Duchess of Cornwall pictured in one of our classic Bajaj single headlight models prior to the Royal Tuk Tuk Auction at Lancaster House.

In conjunction with the Elephant Family, the charity founded ny the late & great Mark Shand, twenty of these Tuk Tuks were auctioned at Lancaster House raising in total a staggering 800k for the preservation of Asian Elephants.

Hosted by Ben Elliot founder of Quintessentially an intimate gathering of international industrialists mingled with all the artists & designers who helped create this amazing fleet of unique Rickshaws.

Our classic Bajaj model pictured was painted by Simon Enery at Paintbox and sold for 40k alone, it thas had some famous passengers of course!

' It's incredible what Quintessentially & Elephant Family have achieved with a few of our humble Auto Rickshaws, we are proud to have been invloved as a supplier and consultant ' ..said mrsteve


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