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The Darjeeling Ltd Tuk Tuks

Mission Details: Promote the launch of the new Twentieth Century Fox movie 'The Darjeeling Ltd' on the streets of London for one week around the opening night of Nov 24th. Raise awareness of the film by telling passengers about the story whilst playing the movie soundtrack. Get people to the cinema!

Execution: Working with Gen outdoor media a fleet of our Retro Tuk Tuks were wrapped in specially commisisoned artwork to reflect the Wes Anderson production including pictures of the lead characters Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody & Jason Schwartzman. The glamour in the film is provided by Amara Karan (pictured above), a rapidly rising star soon to appear in the remake of St Trinians.

Londoners has thier first taste of tuk tuk taxis for the week with the added bonus that all the rides were free of charge. Residents and tourists were able to get a free ride anywhere within the congestion zone whilst the drivers gave them a taste of India by way of the onboard stereo systems and an overview of the movie.

Since first campaigning for London tuk tuk licensing back in 2004 on the BBC it is surely only a matter of time before one of tukshop's intrepid customers starts a chargable service.

" This was a perfect way to bring an already excellent movie to life on the streets of the capital with the added bonus that the opening weekend box office takings exceeded expectations "......said mrsteve

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